Process Hacker 2.30

Tool that can manage and analyze any running process on a PC

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    Analysis & Optimization

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    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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  • Program license:Free (GPL)
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    7.2 (13)

Process Hacker is a famous tool that is an alternative to Windows Task Manager; it provides users with more functionality than the version pre-installed on Windows machines.

Process Hacker is designed with computer enthusiasts in mind. It takes things up a notch and gives vibrant displays of CPU, RAM, hard drive, and every other usage metric you can imagine. It also has more detailed system information like how many threads are running, what the load on each CPU core is, page faults, IO count, and many more.

The user interface presents eerily similarly to the Windows Task Manager. Many tools can perform those functions, but Process Hacker also includes program attribute and memory editing. This is usually used by people trying to understand how software works at a low level or who are trying to make a hack or cheat for a program. Process Hacker gives an easy to view offset table with the values currently being stored by a program. Essentially, it gives the user almost full reign of all programs currently running on their computer.

It's highly recommended that only experienced users run this tool. It's easy enough to install, but the process has access to all system memory. A user unfamiliar with the structure of the Windows OS could easily cause permanent damage that would require a complete reinstallation. Overall, Process Hacker is a robust tool that includes a large array of options to satisfy every computer enthusiast.


  • Almost endless computer metrics to debug any problem
  • Accurate offset editing of programs
  • Bypasses built-in memory locks to allow editing of almost any program at runtime


  • Inexperienced users can easily wreak havoc on their own computers
  • Because of the intensive amount of monitoring, it can use up resources

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